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Typical Classroom Session

All our sessions follow these main principles.

Typical Class Sessions: CV

Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic the delivery of the program has varied. The current activities are designed for both in-person and online learning experiences. Delivery of the program and its activities in upcoming school years will be designed based on the public health guidelines and COVID-19 measures taken at the time.

Review  Activity

The volunteers review key concepts and ideas from the previous week with the students. Review activities are designed to prepare students for the unit they will engage in. They will also answer questions presented in an anonymous suggestion box which the students and mentors will design. 

Introduction to Unit

The students are led through an activity to introduce key concepts of the unit, with a focus on making connections to students’ lived experiences.


Students are given opportunities to apply what they have learned through an interactive activity involving scenarios, role plays, or real life examples. Activities are run as a whole class, in small groupings, and/or in pairs.


Students are posed a series of discussion questions that are intended to facilitate a conversation about the unit’s concepts and its connections to bullying, conflict management and community building.


The relevance of the unit’s topics are taught within one activity to provide opportunities for students to solidify their understanding and make connections between concepts.


Students will apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the lesson by engaging in a physical or creativity activity, facilitating a hands-on experience. 

Wrap up and Closing Ritual

The unit concludes with a review of the content learned. All questions about the unit will be answered and a weekly challenge is presented. The Peace Rap will be sung to conclude the lesson. On their own time, students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they learned by responding to prompts on a task card.

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