Curriculum Connections

Peace by PEACE’s curriculum revision team has worked very hard to ensure that the topics we discuss and the approach we take is aligned with the Ontario Curriculum (Grade 4-6). Our multidisciplinary program covers key aspects of the Language, Health and Physical Education, Arts and Social Studies curriculum.


Language & Arts (Drama)

Peace by PEACE places a strong emphasis on effective communication, including good listening skills, which is at the center of active conflict resolution. We emphasize the learning of skills and strategies that allow the students to listen to understand and to communicate their feelings, opinions and desires in a variety of contexts and for various audiences. Non verbal communication is also considered. Our curriculum builds in crucial time for students to reflect on the effectiveness of their own communication and listening to aid in the development of their meta-cognitive abilities. While effective communication is discussed and practiced throughout the curriculum, Unit 3 is devoted entirely to this theme. Weekly opportunities are provided for the students for discussion in class and group settings as well as for role-play and the preparation of skits.

Health and Physical Education

Peace by PEACE strives to give students communication, anger management, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills and strategies that they can apply when dealing with conflict and threatening situations in their daily lives. These accessible, concrete strategies give students the confidence to deal with potentially threatening online or in person situations appropriately, not only to ensure their personal safety but also to improve their social interactions and mental health. The students are also encouraged to reflect on the concepts of choice and consequence in the context of their actions, and specifically the positive and negative effects their actions can have on others. While choice and consequence and skills for dealing with conflict all while ensuring personal safety are emphasized throughout, we would like to highlight Unit 7 in particular which invites the students to reflect on these in the context of responding to bullying.

Social Studies

Peace by PEACE always encourages students to consider the different perspectives on any particular situation. While students are encouraged to think critically about different situations in different contexts throughout the program, the concept of critical thinking is formally introduced in Unit 8 in which different forms of media are analyzed and discussed. Students also reflect on what it means to be an engaged member of their community and how they can work to make their communities stronger, with special consideration given to diversity. Discussions on various social issues such as bullying and stereotyping allow the students to understand and investigate the complexity of these issues.