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Our Team: TeamMember

Our Team

Peace by PEACE has three locations in the GTA including chapters at both York University campus's, Keele and Glendon, and University of Toronto at their St. George Campus.

Our Team: TeamMember
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Amandeep Sidhu

Program Chair, Board of Directors

I started with Peace by PEACE in 2007 as a volunteer in the classroom. Having been a student of Emergency Management and Global conflict, I was always drawn towards what I could do as a individual to help change the way we deal with personal conflict. I was excited at the opportunity to address conflict in a dynamic and interactive way and immediately saw the impact exploring conflict resolution techniques in interactive and facilitative matter would have. I have held various positions with executive team, and have been a board member since 2015. I hope to be part of this wonderful team as we transform students into agents of positive change.

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Dmitri Norenberg (he/him)

Member and Treasurer, Board of Directors

Dmitri started with Peace by PEACE in 2014 at Glendon, as a volunteer translator of the French curriculum. He continued that work when he joined the executive team as the Curriculum Director, and later the Campus Director, during the first years of its implementation. He was drawn to the key messages of the curriculum, and the growth opportunities that the program provided to university students as they became mentors to the students in their classroom. Dmitri is currently a math and science teacher at the Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, and has had the chance to work in various roles and contexts such as finance, data analysis and research. He hopes to use those experiences to sustain and grow the program as a member of the Board of Directors.


    Alysha Damji (she/her)

    Secretary, Board of Directors

    Alysha started with Peace by PEACE in 2005 at York University, as a volunteer in the classroom, and quickly fell in love with the program. She joined the executive team, as the Education Director in 2006. She was drawn to the program because of its safe, empowering and insightful curriculum. Alysha believes that Peace by PEACE not only inspires communities with hope, but also, gives students, teachers and volunteers, the valuable life skills that can help them engage positively in their classrooms and communities. Alysha is currently a teacher in WRDSB and a part of STEP (Secondary Teacher Education Programme). She has obtained a Master in Arts and a Master in Teaching. Alysha continues to see the extraordinary impact the program has on its students, teachers, and volunteers and she looks forward to the future impact it will make.


    Kristina Issa (she/her)

    Board of Directors

    During my time in first year of undergrad I wanted to participate in something new and meaningful. I quickly fell in love with the goals and mission of PxP. I enjoyed every aspect of being a mentor in my first year that I went on to become a Festival director, Education Coordinator and then Campus Director. During that time I learned a lot about leadership and community building and also made great friendships. I am very grateful for my PxP experience throughout university! 


    Natalia  Bekirsky  (she/her)

    Board of Directors

    Natalia obtained her Honours BA in Environmental Studies and Archaeology at U of T in 2019. Her Peace by PEACE experience spanned her entire undergrad: she started out as a mentor in her first year, became a Curriculum Director in her second year, and then Campus Director for her third and fourth years. She went on to obtain her Masters in Environmental Studies at York (graduated 2021), and she now works as a policy analyst. She is excited to contribute to the important goals of the program now as a board member.

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