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Meet the York University
Glendon Campus Team!

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Marissa Buttigieg (she/her)

Campus Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Marissa is in her last year of the Education program. She has been at Glendon and with Peace by PEACE for six years. Marissa is excited to work with all of her fellow executive members and mentors to provide a great program for students.


Kelly Martinez (she/her)

Executive Assistant, York University - Glendon Campus

Kelly is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Education. She was inspired to join Peace by PEACE because of the unique opportunity to teach young students about essential and relevant topics such as conflict resolution and inner power. Her favourite thing about the program is the sense of community among mentors and the eagerness of students to share their unique ideas and perspectives. 

Education Council


Michaela (she/her)

Schools Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Michaela is in her fourth year majoring in French Studies and minoring in Psychology. This is her second year on the PXP Exec Team. She is looking forward to working with the new team and bringing this awesome program to new schools.


Gillian (she/her)

Curriculum Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Gillian is working towards majors in Translation and French Studies. She looks forward to working with her co-directors to create relevant and fun activities for students. She is also excited to apply her translation skills to the French version of the curriculum!


Andrea Lei (she/her)

Curriculum Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Andrea is in her last year of the education program at Glendon, working towards becoming a teacher. She is so excited to continue working with the team to improve the curriculum so that it better reflects current issues.


Mia Tubanza (she/her)

Festival Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Mia is a fourth year in French and English studies in conjunction with education. With her passion for teaching, Peace by PEACE brought upon valuable experiences and connections with the community and students. Mia is excited to see students engaged and eager about the program. 

Peace by Peace Bio Photo_edited_edited.j

Marion (she/her)

French Translator, York University - Glendon Campus

Marion is in her second year of Translation Studies at Glendon in the English to French stream, planning to apply for the English-Spanish Translation Certificate. She joined Peace by Peace as a French Translator to give students in French schools the opportunity to be exposed to the valuable teachings of Peace by Peace.

Events Council


Abieshan Ganeshamurthi (he/him)

Finance and Fundraising Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Abieshan is in his third year in the Mathematics program while also minoring in French Studies. He is excited to meet his counterparts, and to use his knowledge of corporate accounting and other financial processes.


Eleesa Parry (she/her)

Marketing Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Eleesa is excited to return for her third year on such a supportive team, working together to promote anti bullying and healthy conflict resolution. As an aspiring teacher, she is very passionate about creating safe space for students to express themselves, and PxP gives her the tools to do so.

Mentors Council


Alicia Bakshi (she/her)

Professional Developement Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Alicia is studying French and English in conjunction with education. She joined Peace by PEACE to connect with other leaders who share her interest in teaching and helping others.

Malak _edited.jpg

Malak Abdul Rahim (she/her)

Mentors Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Malak is in her 3rd year in History and French Studies, and is also a Don in the Wood residence on campus. She is looking forward to creating new, fun memories with her team, as well as supporting the mentors during their training and in class sessions.


Colleen Murphy (she/her)

Mentors Director, York University - Glendon Campus

Colleen is in her second year, double majoring in Educational Studies and Children, Childhood, and Youth. She is looking forward to supporting the new and returning mentors, as well as working alongside the Executive Team to recruit as many potential students possible to deliver the Peace by PEACE curriculum in schools across the GTA. 

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